Sunday, June 10, 2007

Day 1 of race 2 p.m.

Race across America started at 9 a.m. PDT. I talked to Ben & Heather in Jeff's support van. Things seem to be off to a good start. Ben said Jeff was "riding strong". At the present time he's in 7th position after checking in at Lake Henshaw, CA.

The temperature in Oceanside was comfortable.....probably mid to high 70's, but they have since experienced some 90's. It is now 82 degrees. It will be interesting to see how our "Alaskan" handles the heat. When he hits those triple digit temps the thought of -40 may sound real good to him!

He's climbed grades of up to 8% to an elevation of 2760 ft above sea level. Heather said there hasn't been much traffic and no horn honkers to contend with. I suppose there will be a fair amount of that to come.

As I was talking to Ben, he opened the window to either spray Jeff with water or pass some to him and I heard Ben say, "Hey Jeff, want to talk to your mom?" From a distance, but clearly, I could hear a "Hi Mom". It was neat to think I'm in Florida and he's on a bike in CA and I could still talk to him. His voice sounded good and I imagine he's glad this thing is finally underway.

As I hear more, I'll pass it on......but so far so good!!!!!

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Pete said...

Don't worry about the rabbits. RAAM is a long race. You are one tough guy. You have done the "Hell of the North." Now is the time for the "Hell of the South."
Thinking of you.
Pete Lekisch