Friday, June 15, 2007

Photos from the Front Line

Jeff at the start. Photo: Gail Koepf

Jeff has been wearing a dust mask to keep his mouth from drying out so much
(maybe to keep the dust out, too?)...
Photo: Larry Best

Photo: Ben Couturier


Ana's Mama said...

Way to go Jeff! I just got your link from Kelly and wanted to thow in a word of encouragement! :)

- Jodi (Travis) Crubaugh

jennica said...

We're sure rootin' for you, Jeff- you're doing a fantastic job. And GREAT PHOTOS! We've contacted the video folks to request they cover 'the guy currently in 7th, a rookie going strong'. Why stop at 6th?! Hope Tim is treating you right.

Jennica Force, Erik Cox, and Piper

Denver said...

Jeff, we have been watching your progress here in awe of what you are doing. We are all just amazed!! And we are cheering you on... you are over half way now! You had better be having one hell of a birthday present from all of us after this feat. And I am soooo stoked that you are eatin McDonalds along the way... what a hoot! Sending you following winds, tight tires, and strong legs and mind. Bye for now.

Denver said...

Hey Jeff, gesh, we are all in amazement. We did the 24 hours of Adrenalin last weekend with a 5 man team and although we finished 4th, we were all still tired... you prove to me every time I do anything that you are indeed Superman. We stand in Awe of you here and you are one incredible athlete. You prove over and over that there is absolutely nothing that you can't do. I suppose you can save money on plane tickets now that you can just bike across the country. Keep up the amazing work, we are all pulling for you and watching your progress. Go go go, and we will be trying our best to zin you some sleep and rest.
bye for now.