Friday, June 15, 2007

El Camino Kansas

This picture is Jeff leaving Manter, Kansas on 6/14/07 after eating dinner. He rode for another 7 hours and 100 miles after this picture was taken, all in the dark.

We just rolled into TS # 28. Actually it's El Dorado - Jeff thought El Camino sounded better. Jeff is eating some food - tortellini, a leftover 1/4 pounder with cheese (more on that later), and some other stuff. It is hot, about 87, and humid. Much different than yesterday when it was cool and cloudy all day. Jeff hasn't had much time off the bike today so he is resting with his feet up, ice on both knees, and clothes mostly off. He'll probably stay here for 30 to 45 minutes and then hit the road. We have switched to a 2 person van crew with 4 in the RV. The van duties are pretty light so 2 people can handle it and this allows the next van crew to get some real sleep before their next shift. The RV is leapfrogging past the van and rider going about 50 miles and then stopping for 2 to 3 hours at each time station. Sometimes the RV has groceries to get or other errands to do so it's not always a real "rest" stop but it seems to be working pretty well.

We are chasing Richard and Attila across Kansas and Jeff is feeling pretty good so he is hoping to catch one of them in the next day or two. Jeff is really into the standings and where people are in front of him. We are trying not to let him look too far ahead in the route book or get too exited about having only 1485 miles left.

One of the highlights so far was TS # 26. It was in Pratt, Kansas at the McDonalds and the time station and McDonalds people were very exited and welcoming. The entire crew all got whatever we wanted to eat for free, they gave us lots of cookies, a case of bottled water, and they even remembered Ben from 2 years ago - something about being the "hottest" rider in the race. We still have a bag full of McDonalds so we'll be snacking on whatever Jeff doesn't eat for dinner tonight. We were all laughing about "all you can eat for free at McDonalds" 2 days ago but when we got there it was no joke and everyone ate a lot and enjoyed it.


Mike said...

Thanks for the update! I'm finding myself obsessively checking this thing and the RAAM site about every 30 minutes, hoping for an update. They're very appreciated!! I'm glad Jeff's planning to catch Richard! I sure hope he does!! (not that he hasn't already kicked enough butt!)
Mike of M & M & M & Z

morgan said...

You EAT that tortellini, Jeff!! Then you go GET that Australian dude. Then you go SWIM in the Atlantic ocean... I love this race. I love that you are out there representing Alaska, black dogs, and the anti-ego. You are scoring some serious punkrock AND hardcore points with this one. Serious.

xoxoxoxo -m

John said...

Following this race makes me want to ride across the continent (not this one, that one up there called North America). But I think something like 1/10 Jeff's pace would suit me. Good luck Jeff, in the hot and humid states. You may want to take your breaks in the afternoon hours. Be sure to stop at every lemonade stand along the way. John of Antarctica

Lee Oatley said...

Here we are up at 3:30 am to check on the status while you're grinding out miles. We really appreciate these updates on the race by the 'crew'. Field Report 10 also helped us mortals understand how brutal RAAM is day and night. Go Jeff Go. Stay on your game plan.
See you in AC. Love Dad and Mom

Sharon & Lee said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You're incredible. You just keep pedaling away. We're following you every inch of the way, or should I say mile. We're proud of you Jeff. Be careful out there and know that you have a lot of people watching you.

Ramon said...

This is pretty cool watching these pictures and comments on Jeff's race, wish I was in NJ when you get there. Yesterday my boss caught me at work reading the blog :-) could'nt help it, anyway, you are famous at my workplace in Puerto Rico buddy. Keep on going you're doing great! I'm thinking in buying one of those pictures of yours and making shirts for my whole family! Go get Attila (don't think it's as big of a warrior as you are). Ramón

jennica said...

You're not only on the internet, you're on VIDEO! It was great to see your interview last night. You look great, and so.....fresh somehow.
Go GET"EM!!!

Emily & Luke said...

Keep up the pace Jeff! Eating CrackDonalds (aal you can eat for free, no less!!) in El Camino, Kansas sounds like paradise to this kid. Twas great to hear from you last night on the bike! Go Jeff! Go Crew!


Emily & Luke said...

Keep up the pace Jeff! Eating CrackDonalds (aal you can eat for free, no less!!) in El Camino, Kansas sounds like paradise to this kid. Twas great to hear from you last night on the bike! Go Jeff! Go Crew!