Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Getting this thing going

Heather took me to the airport to head to Denver at about 8pm on Monday night. I met Ben in the Anchorage airport and we arrived in Denver at 8am Tuesday. By 11am we were at Tim's house in Ft Collins getting gear loaded and ready to go. It went pretty smoothly and by 2pm Ben and I were on the road...sort of. We had to make a couple quick stops. But by 4pm we were on I-70 westbound.
The weather was nice, but there was a huge west wind the whole way. At about 11:30pm we stopped at a motel in Salina, UT. I think we've got a little under 600 miles to go.
Tim (left) and Ben (on top of van) getting things ready to go.

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morgan said...

Alright, Oatley. You go do this thing, and do it right (by you). We'll be thinking of you, checking this blog and the RAAM site religiously and wishing you smooth sailing with only really fun & pleasant hallucinations. You go be hardcore now.
M, M, Porkchop and Crackhound