Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Day in Illinois

Jeff had another rough morning, thankfully most of the crew was awake to help me deal with him this time. We videotaped this episode. It starts with Jeff being mad at whomever wakes him (me) and continually throwing the covers back over him when I take them off. Once we start dressing him, he keeps nodding off and refusing to eat. Usually he'll accept some coffee filled with sugar and 1/2 & 1/2. When we finally sit him on the bike he rides at about 7 mph for at least 1/2 and hour and has trouble keeping his eyes open and stops for every little excuse he can conjure (more clothes, less clothes, different bike), an uncomfortable time for the crew in the follow van. Gradually the speed increases and his form starts looking smooth and he rides well for the remainder of the day and well into the night.

Jeff powdering up for the ride.

Today's ride across Illinois has been full of friendly drivers and even some people cheering from the roadside. The temperatures have been high (94F, but only 80F at 8am) with the percieved temperature being the highest of the trip so far. Jeff is riding & eating well and talking about the chances of him catching up with the Aussie in 6th.


KIMMAY said...

Haha...that sounds like Andy dealing with me. :-) I'm usually good after my starbucks... My parents wanted me to drop a note on here for them (their computer is ancient compared to mine)...They wanted to pass on that they are keeping up with everything and are glad to see you doing so well.

Keep it up..

erikcox said...

Hey Tim,

Sounds like you're having a pretty rough time there in the van.

Just want you to know, next year when you race - I'll crew for ya.

Keep Jeff move'n!

kevcp said...

hey folks, this is kevin petrone from AK (now in OZ). just want to tell jeff that i'm stoked to see hom cranking along - sending jeff some go fast vibes - keep it going jeff!

cheers, kevin

Peter said...

A slow start led to the fastest split speed between the Mississippi River and TS 36 of all solo racers. Way to go, Jeff.

From the Gator Nation. (Billy's boyz)

Kelly Smith said...

Way to Go, Jeff
Keep it up.
We are all cheering for you in ALABAMA!

Crew Members,
Hang in there!

Kelly Smith

Brant and Becky said...

You know this picture is going to show up in a future power point along with some new nick names...

Keep cranking buddy!

bhbb627 said...

Way to go Jeff! Keep up the hard work and Heather, keep pulling those cover's back off! We are all pulling for you here at AK NRCS!