Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Day 3 10:25 MDT

Day 3 has started and Jeff is in Kayenta, AZ. Not much farther to go and they'll be in Utah. Heather said she could see Monument Valley up ahead. They should be in Colorado tonight.

Jeff slept for 2 1/2 hours last night and it must have refreshed him because she reports that he's feeling good and riding well. He has a nice tail wind and the road is smooth. His stomach problems seem to be gone. They think he may have been putting too much food in his stomach at a time and are now spacing it out a little more.

The scenery has been great but they're not sure how much attention Jeff's paying to it. He's probably out there in his own little world right now. The crew has been taking pictures so they can show him what he missed.

Living in Alaska doesn't give you much of a chance to work on your tan, but Heather says he's got a good one now.

It pretty much looks like things are going well and let's hope it stays that way. Heather said she'd try to report back later today but that cell phone coverage has been spotty. When I some more news, I'll pass it along. Til then, have a great day!!


jon said...

Go get em Jeff.
Jon Orban

KIMMAY said...

Hey, Jeff,

So, I'm bragging about you at work...and thinking about you while I'm there since I've been on the bike myself the last two days at work...but only 8 hours....and no hills or mountains...etc....and I can stop when I want.... So yeah...I feel like a wimp. Anyway, Andy and I are thinking about you, and keep up the good work!


Ramon said...

Hey Warrior, keep on working on that tan...let's see if you can match mine! Keep on riding buddy, you're the only famous sports guy I know of, all my friends (actually about three people) know about you...

Take care,