Saturday, June 16, 2007

Update from the Ozarks--plus article links

Some articles to check out about Jeff and RAAM in the Fairbanks News-Miner:

And one about Jure Robic, RAAMs current leader and multiple past winner by Daniel Coyle, author of Lance Armstrong's War (you have to register to read from NY Times):

Hot and humid in the Ozarks today, near 90F and humid. It's hard to believe many of us grew up here and never seemed to notice! After a slow start Jeff has been riding well and asking for ice cream sandwiches. The crew is trying to decide if a little more rest (3 hrs instead of 2 hrs at night) will do him any good or if after his longer rest he'll wake up just as groggy and struggle for the 1st hour on the bike anyway. We're attempting to balance our primary goal of finishing the race with our newfound position high in the pack; which means deciding whether to increase or cut sleep and whether to push Jeff beyond his self-percieved physical limits. I never anticipated a time would come that I would be asking him to go further than he thought possible, but rather assumed I would have to be the one holding him back for his own safety. We'll see how it plays out over the next 3 days.


Peter said...

Hey Jeff, you honorary Izzo-Gator:

Ben's mom linked me to the Anchorage Daily News report of your progress which included your blog address. Dog and I send our best from Florida. Consider sleeping in 90 minute blocks - works well for most RAAMsters your age to avoid nodding off on the bike after a sleep. (It's the REM sleep cycle thing - ask the crew not to wake you if your eyes are moving.)


Ray Daufeldt said...

Jeff, we have been following all of your progress so far, keep up the good work.Don't know how you have the stamina to handle this rigourous trip. You certainly have a good support group. We will be watching for additional postings daily. Good Luck and success! Tell Noreen and Larry that the home place is holding together great.