Saturday, June 16, 2007

What is the capitol of Missouri?

Jeff leaving TS # 33 at Jefferson City, Missouri at 20:15 local time. Heading toward the Mississippi River.
Even with the really hot weather and high humidity Jeff is feeling good today and riding faster than almost everyone else. He is planning on riding until 4 AM and getting up later tomorrow to see if he can ride a little better in the morning when the sun is brighter.


Kelly Hill Scanlon said...

With your great crew and support from around the world you're sure to make it.

Keep riding!

donna said...
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Donald said...

Talk about endurance. We're cheering for you. Enjoyed the pictures.

donna said...

Scott Schultz says to hurry home, you have some engineering stuff for his farm. Best wishes from Delta SWCD. Good to see you made it through the desert!
Donna and Larry

morgan said...

Is anyone reading your comments to you? I hope so. Mike wants me to tell you that he's buying you a pigout platter from Big Daddy's when you get back. So that's something to ride like the devil for, right? We'd still love you if you ended this race in a faceplant in a field of cowpatties in the middle of MO, but we really want to see you beat this thing. You've got what it takes. If Steve Earle can beat heroin with fried chicken, you can beat RAAM with.... with tortellini. And MacDonalds. And burritos. And ice cream sandwiches. And your pure hardcority. Go. Fly like a leftwing warbler.
M & M & M & Z

kwoods said...

Hardcority? I love it when Morgan makes up words. But, yeah, I suppose it fits! Go Jeff! Go Crew!

Ramon said...

I have no idea how you're doing this. Yesterday I jog 1 mile and wanted to die...keep going. Great pictures to keep us updated!