Tuesday, June 19, 2007


This is somewhere in Ohio I think. It's all starting to blur together. Jeff was getting handed a popsicle from the RV so Ben hopped out and took this picture. Popsicles last about 30 seconds when it's 96F and humid. Jeff has to hold them off to his side and upside down or else they melt all over his arms and legs. Jeff says this is much worse than the desert weather. We have been spraying him off with water - especially his feet - just to try to keep cool but it's a loosing battle.

Last night at about 1am we blew the fuse in the van that runs the roof top radio and rear flashers - flashers are required when it's dark - and Ben had to do some on the road repairs while I drove. I won't get into the details here, but it was impressive. Of course we were only going 15mph.

It's now 10:45am and the RV just pulled into Parkersburg, WV. This morning seemed to go pretty well but I was asleep in the RV so I don't really know. TS 46 has WiFi so we just checked the standings and it looks pretty much the same as it did yesterday with Kaldy and Vollebregt sitting about 150 miles ahead of us and Oyler about 100 miles back. 100 miles doesn't sound like much but at 11mph it's 9 hours on the bike so he's not too close. Jeff is riding at about the same pace as a 2 man team and a 4 man team right now, but they don't sleep and they switch off to eat so we'll loose them next time Jeff stops. They look as tired as Jeff.

Check the RAAM website for the profile of WV and you will se what Jeff's day is going to be like. I hope we can get 120 miles in before dark but we'll see.


Baily McGough said...

Hi Jeff
I'm Baily. My mom and dad let me see your bike ride on the computer. It's cool and I like the pictures. You are doing a really really really good job!!

Brenda Couturier said...

Less than 500 mile to go! Just a quick reminder,when you get to the last leg of the ride(with police escort) you only want 1 driver in the van and make sure you send Heather ahead in the rv because chances are whoever is driving the van won't be able to see the finish.Great job Jeff and crew.

Emily & Luke said...

Ride like Nick Saban going towards a better job offer!

Great job Jeff and crew! You are awesome.


woole&hunter said...

just checking in , you're doing great! i like the nick comment from emily and luke. good luck and be safe.

Donald said...

Getting down to the last stretch. Hang in there. Keep doing your best.


Karen Harris said...

Congratulations Jeff! The ADN had a nice write up on your accomplishment. Happy solstice, Karen at the B&B in Palmer